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Table of Contents

Introduction: 3
Positioning: 3
Benefits Positioning: 5
Direct Marketing:- 9
Sales Promotion:- 9
Proactive Marketing Public Relations:- 9
Sponsorship marketing:- 9
6.0: Evaluation and Control 10
6.1: Outline Evaluation / Tracking Techniques. 10
6.2: Demonstrate Possible Corrective Action Scenario. 11
Conclusion: 12
References. 13


Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo has a growing market in Singapore. This is the right time to analysis its brand value through proper marketing. No product will make a successful impact if there is a resemblance in the competitive market. So the proper integrated marketing communication is required for any newly launched product. In this report, hair care market saw sales growth of 4% in 2014 which is as similar in 2013 (Starcevic, 2013). Consumers are find alternatives in a very short span of time and experiment different product in hair care business, such as perms, coloring. So the Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo has a big challenge to positioning, developing of creative idea and structuring the details IMC activities.

Positioning: Perceptual Mapping of KAO Ascience

Figure: Perceptual Mapping of KAO Asience
(Source: Roger, 2013, p.75)
The Asience shampoo made specifically for the use of heavy hair and hair that go through from complexion, styling and drying. Accommodate essential aspect of soy and pearl protein, which modernize hair that has lost protein.  Camellia oil and ginseng also included in this shampoo, which is maintained the moisture (Shimp & Andrews, 2013). Eucalyptuses also protect the hair and improve lost shine. It comes in two sizes smaller bottle and larger bottle. It becomes pump dispenser for shower, plus economical refill. In provides the shampoo and conditioner set in regular size bottles-220ml in Rs. 4000-5000. So that this product price is high and as well as quality. Because customers are very much satisfied with this product and they noticed that, the results are instant. They also were saying that this is the product, which cleans effectively without drying out the hair (Jefkins, 2012).
Price - KAO Asience Inner Rich Shampoo:530ml Pump Dispenser for $20.99 - Shiseido Tsubaki Shining Shampoo:550ml for $15.00
- LOreal Inner Rich Moist Shampoo:480ml for $14.92
Availability in market All the three product are sold through online marketing and supermarkets.
Promotional efforts Promotional efforts by KAO Asience Inner Rich Shampoo has been not been in a aggressive manner as compared to Shiseido Tsubaki Shining Shampoo. This is because the company sales its products to only high level markets. However, the there is also advantage for the company because they make the product for large segment and that covers almost the age between 18 to 55. The company also provides several offers such as Kao Asience Inner Rich Shampoo and Conditioner set for $25.99 only.
Popularity This is based on the market share of the brands: KAO Asience Inner Rich Shampoo  – 5%, Shiseido Shining Shampoo – 8.4%, L’Oreal Inner Rich Moist Shampoo  – 14.96%.
Ingredient KAO Asience Inner Rich Shampoo contains natural essence of the soy and pearl protein, which never affects the hair. The other brands do not contain this type of the ingrediants. However they Loreal also states that in seven days they can provide the result to the consumers.
Attribute Positioning
Product related:
Size 430ml and 530ml bottle packaging
Colour Bright yellow and light golden
Design features Contains natural essences of soy and pearl protein, which revitalize hair that has lost protein. All these factors attract to the consumers which is beneficial for the company.

Non-product related:
Price Keep prices at $15.00 for 550ml sized bottle, and $14.92 for 480ml sized bottle
Packaging The colour of the bottle should attract female consumers of the KAO Asience Inner Rich Shampoo. Bbottle should be made of plastic, which can be recycled.

Benefits Positioning:

Loreal natural is formulated mainly from natural ingredients with no side effects and can handle the damages. The customers are more in demand this kind of product for natural growth and shine. Pantene previously used hard chemical which damaged hair in the long time and this type of complain made their sales volume down in the previous year (Russell, 2015). The price benefits are also taking into consideration. Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo needs to concentrate this herbal extract into their business and maintain the low price in the initial stage of marketing. Because these rival products have already a strong customer base and brand value among the retailer. So creating a position is a big challenge for this company.
The hair product in Singapore market research study includes detail segmentation of local and foreign products, previous volumes, year’s forecasts market trends and market growth. Therefore, positioning of Inner Rich shampoo is possible if the company concentrates mainly on unique features which are never unfold by the rival company (Paliwoda et al. 2013). Lot of research are required for integrated marketing for this newly launched product in Singapore.
To maintain long lasting relationship with customer it is required to maintain the brand reputation. The shampoo is the daily use material, which needs to be experiment by the dermatologist on regular basis.
Current Brand Evaluation
In today’s day-to-day life, current brand evaluation plays a very vital role about the 4p’s about the product. Because the 4p’s is the strategies that are adopted by the Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo which are as follows:
Product: The current brand evaluation of KAO Asience Inner Rich Shampoo is made for the judgmental about the amount, number, or value of products. It is the Japanese product that works for the requirements of thick hair and hair that suffers from perming, drying, styling, braiding and coloring.
Price: The current price of the KAO Asience Inner Rich Shampoo of Japan of the 530ml pump dispenser is $20.99. Whereas the Asience Inner Shampoo of the Singapore of the 530ml pump dispenser is $22.99. This is because the manufacturing of the product is done in Japan and where as the price of that shampoo increases in Singapore due to the transporting charges.
Place: The Asience Inner Rich Shampoo is popular in the Metro cities because the Asience Inner rich Shampoo is a very big brand and promotes its product through online activities and in metro cities only, which are located all over the world.
Promotion: It plays a very crucial role in the Current brand evaluation because it deals with the communication process. This will be the beneficial for the Asience Inner Rich Shampoo. Today the company is promoting its product through online, which is very profitable for the company. For example, various types of apps such as and etc promote the Asience Inner rich Shampoo.
Current brand evaluation is made up of customer needs and wants. Where there is the equivalent of the products in the market, there should be the minimum price and cost from the market, convenience of the place for the customers and communication of the promotion should be nicely performed through which it should be easy to understand for the customers (Lee & Sirgy, 2015).

Development of Creative Idea
Kao has many products and among these many products one of the most important products is the Asience Inner Rich Shampoo. The beauty products by Kao has the largest sale in the market, almost 46.1% of their profit comes from the beauty care products sold by Kao in the market. Asience as an important brand emerged as an important brand in the year 2009. The retailers have a very high expectation with this brand and it has targeted customers of around 18 to 55 years of age, who have problem with their hair but have very little time to make their hair nutritious and dazzling.
Primary Target Audience Females either who are schooling or who have just entered the workforce Secondary Target Audience Females mid-way through their careers, might have a family
Age Range 18-30 30-55
Estimated % of population 15.2% (Sings tats 2014) 9.6% (Sing stats 2014)
Income Generally low  Generally High
Activities Technology through online, Constant reading of fashion magazines, Shopping through online Having a family and various responsibilities to follow
Interest Having interest in eye catching, through media, And should be colourful to attract the consumers Main Concerns: expressing themselves, security Interested in their families and material goods MainConcerns: confidence, image, security
Persuasive Power High towards both peers and parents High towards peers, children and family
Initiators Generally friends or peers Word of mouth, mass media, and social media
Influencers Family members, friends, certain celebrity endorsers or role models
Decider  family members or friends
Purchaser  family members or friends POP, in-store promotion
Users  family members or friends POP, in-store promotions

Opening New Offline Stores
Asience is a product which is very well known to the Singapore market but the problem with this product is that they are only available only in the online market. There are many consumers who do not prefer buying things from the online store because they can neither touch nor feel the product. So, Asience could have kiosk in the shopping mall where they can allow the people to have the sample of their product, which they can have at free of cost. They should ask these people to use it and give them a feed back. Moreover, they could also make their product available on the different online stores, so that their products are easily available to those people who do not prefer online shopping.
Russell (2015) believed that the physical appearance of brand also plays an important part here. The physical appearance of the brand is treated as the backbone of the brand. Thus, the Asience shampoo should have a good appearance especially if it is being sold on the different stores. The shape of the bottle of the shampoo that is why is also an important factor. The traditional shape of the bottle thus at times plays a very important role. Most of the people most of the time could recognize and prefer the traditional shape. Asience Inner Rich Shampoo bottle’s traditional shape is also very well known to its online customers. If Asience has to launch the product in a new bottle then it could do that without much modification; then it could have both its old and new customers.
According to Olajide and Meroyi (2014), Asience should always have a communication with its consumers, so that they can have the consumer view and could improve their products according to their needs. Asience should reflect the kind of customers they are targeting. A particular brand reflects a particular set of customers, and their culture. Asience Inner Rich Shampoo should be in those stores that are there in the college and the offices, where Asience have the availability of its targeted audience (Puška, 2013). The brand person of Asience Inner Rich Shampoo should also be an image of the person with whom the targeted customer of Asience could easily relate themselves (Gertner, 2012). The creative strategy suggested here could easily make Asience as a more available brand to the people. The brand awareness will also increase and people will very easily get to know about this brand following this strategy.
Selection and integration / Mock-ups of Other IMC Activities
Point of purchase:-
Pop can vary from person to person because every person has its own needs and requirements, which is fulfilled by the different products of the company. For example the KAO Asience Inner Rich shampoo produces different types of the products which are adopted by the different group age peoples.

Direct Marketing:-

It is a very essential and crucial stage for any organizations such as an Asience Inner Rich Shampoo because in this field the organization can directly interact with the customers through different media such as cell phone, text messaging and email, online ads on Facebook and door to door selling products and services. These are the major steps that could help the organization to establish them in the current market (Borgatti, 2010).

Sales Promotion:-

Sales promotion also plays a very important role for selection and integration. Different types of offers could be given to the consumer and feasible distribution channels would be helpful to promote the sales of Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo. On the other hand, on purchase of bulk amount of products at fixed amount a trip is allocated to the distributors such as Malaysia, Bangkok and Singapore etc (Crowther, 2010).

Proactive Marketing Public Relations:-

It would help to build up the publicity of Asience Inner Rich Shampoo. Maintaining the marketing public relation would be useful in enhancing huge brand image of the product in the market and. Apart from that, the company should be proactive in order to beat their competitors and moves forward and ahead from the other company (Department, 2013).

Sponsorship marketing:-

The product Asience Inner Rich Shampoo of Kao would play a vital role in sponsorship marketing. It is known that shampoo products are highly preferred young generation and the young generation are generally watching the shows and visiting the place where sponsorship is done. Therefore, through sponsorship of the products, the company would be able to increase the sale of product (Etgar and Rachman-Moore, 2010).
Cause related marketing:-
Through the sales procedure the Asience Inner Rich Shampoo can increase, its profit. And by sharing its profit to the charity and social welfare. The company can easily be promoted and advertised among the consumers. It will also help the Asience Inner Rich Shampoo to become a Brand among the consumers.

6.0: Evaluation and Control

6.1: Outline Evaluation / Tracking Techniques

Tracking is required to understand the needs as well as requirements of the customer base (Puška, 2013). As the product is, a shampoo named as Ascience Inner rich shampoo, so its target customers are mostly the young generation who are interested more in experimenting with new products (Olajide and Meroyi, 2014). With the change in fashion, there is urgent need to track the information of customers with the help of surveys as well as face-to-face interview. Brand awareness is required that will create trust as well as confidence among the customers and they will effectively spread good word of communication with their friends as well as relatives (Paul, Haridas and Srivastava, 2015). In order to maintain inventory, company need to track the actual requirement of the customers and that is possible with online survey.
 Qualitative and quantitative research technique
The qualitative and quantitative research techniques can be used to monitor the IMC campaigns. Qualitative research technique: By using qualitative the company can get details idea about impact of IMC campaigns and how customer are influenced by the campaigns. The company adds a various types of the pearl protein and soy to just improve its quality, which repair hair that has lost protein.
Quantitative research technique: Quantitative technique also helps the organization to get statistical data about their IMC campaigns. Apart from that, with the help of quantitative research technique company can understand the current market scenario. It has found that IMC campaigns by KAO effects 45.15% customers, that is why their promotional activities are less than any other competitors.
In case of qualitative research technique, the company can use interview technique over telephone or face-to-face conversation. On the other hand, survey can be used for quantitative data analysis. Through survey and interview technique, the company can understand what are the requirements that need to improve the products’ quality. As per feedback, they can know the performance of the product in competitive market as well as customers’ opinion about the products and promotional strategy of the company. The company can make a plan for survey and interview in every quarter so that they able to understand the customers test and preferences for the products. By using quantitative research technique, they can track their sales and profit that also helps to understand the brand preferences among the customers (Ragin, 2014).

6.2: Demonstrate Possible Corrective Action Scenario

While carrying out any campaign, sometimes different types of issues are faced and it is essential to solve the different issues. The different processes for solving these issues are stated ad follows:
  • Specify the target segmented market before carrying out the campaigns.
  • Specific places are to be chosen while carrying out the campaigns as place is considered as one of the major factors that are essential to be solved.
  • Point out the effective and the appropriate strategies based on which the campaigns are to be carried out.
  • Using the proper channels of campaigning must be followed. That means the most popular medium of campaigns are to be followed to make the activities successful.
After carrying out the entire campaigning strategies, it can be stated that the companies must make proper strategies to make sure that the campaign process is essential to make sure that the products are reached to the customers. It is also important to convey the message of the company and the product in the right manner and in effective way. It is also necessary to ensure that the campaigns are held in timely manner. Keeping a track of the marketing and advertising strategies of the rival companies is essential to ensure that the product is able to reach the profitable situation. For example, the company can take various types of the corrective actions to demonstrate the scenario of the product by using the “AIDAS” theory of selling. Which are as follows:
1) Sequencing attention: The goal here is to put the prospective and objective into the customer mind. Thus, the first few minutes of the conversation are crucial. The sales department must establish good rapport at once. The sales person should have “good conversation openers” to make a favorable first impression. A good sales person conversation opener element the anticipation to response and sets the stage for the total Scenario.
2) Gaining interest: The second is to gain the interest of the customer. So that the consumers should react towards the product. Sometimes selling people try to generate hints by asking revealing question.
3) Kindling desire: The third goal is to kindle the desire among the customer. The sales person should move the conversation so that the customer should not be distracted from the product. In this case, there may be obstacle from the customer side. However, the sales person should now the way to come out from that and should provide the satisfaction to the customer.
4) Inducing action: If the Scenario is perfect, the prospect is ready to act- that means to buy. However, buying is not automatic and as a rule must be induced. It is up to the sales person to sense when the time is right. However, the sales person should be straightforward for asking the requirements and satisfaction of the customer.
5) Building satisfaction: This is the last stage where the satisfaction of the customer is justified. Because after the sale has taken place it does not mean that, the job of the sales person is ended. Whereas the job begins from here, the sales person should maintain the satisfaction of the customer by giving proper service. Therefore, that customer should have a long-term relation with the company. This is profitable for the company during the campaign (Meriçli et al. 2012).


In this way the Ascience Inner Rich Shampoo can create their position and increase the sales volume in the long run. The profit margins need to be increased compare to the L’Oreal and Pantene which are the dominating position in Singapore. The campaign budget needs to be followed and maintain the working capital for the future provision and contingencies. In this way, the creative ideas are applied for develop something new, unique and different from the other product.


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