4.1 Primary Data Analysis

The essential information will be dissected independently taking into account univariate examination. The strategy takes after the depiction of why the inquiry is picked and what lion's share of representatives have replied. At that point every outcome will be broke down independently with its decision.

4.2 Secondary Data Analysis

Chapter Summary

This part investigations the survey reactions with their motivation to be chosen in view of qualitative audit. The outcomes are demonstrated in diagram and their decision is given.

4.3 Collaborative Data Analysis

4.3.1 Age Group

Q1. Which age group do you belong?
a) 18 to 25 years                      (b) 26 to 40 years        (c) More than 40 years
Table ]
Age is an imperative element which shows the development level of a person who is utilized at some spot. The age of a man additionally highlights the amount of learning and experience he/she may have and in this way it is essential here to think about the development level of members from Pizza Hut.
Majority Answer
Concerning Pizza Hut representatives, more workers had a place with the age section of 26-40 years while 28% in 18-25 and 25 percent of them were of age over 40. The accompanying pie graph demonstrates the outcomes with rates.

Figure 3: Age Group
The diagram demonstrates that around 48% of the members are somewhere around 26 and 40. This demonstrates that the greater part of the representatives working at the Pizza Hut branches being overviewed are develop enough to comprehend their rights, examination frameworks and other authoritative components. Examination of age in our exploration will help deciding as which age gathering is perfect for motivational elements to impact.

4.3.2 Income Bracket

Q2. How much income do you earn on average in a month?
a) £800-£1200             (b) £1201-£2000         (c) £2001-£3000          (d) £3001-£4000
Table 2
Level of pay shows the compensation/pay level which the representatives can gain inside of an organizaiton. With respect to this examination, determination of the wage level is improtant keeping in mind the end goal to realize what the representatives at Pizza Hut can win and how much the organization pays getting it done. The level of pay can be coordinated with the appriasal and money related prizes to figure out how much the wage element influences the representatives execution.
Majority Answer
Larger part of the workers at Pizza Hut have normal month to month salary scope of £800-£1200 which falls in 32 percent of the aggregate reviewed representatives while the following enormous section is that of £1200 to £2000 numbering up to 26 percent.

Figure 4: Income Bracket

The outline demonstrates that the greater part of the representatives studied at Pizza Hut chose areas have a normal month to month pay in the middle of £800 and £1200. While in the middle of £1200 and £2000, 26 percent of them have a place with this specific gathering. 22% have a place with the level of pay of £2000 to £3000 and the rest over that to £4000. This shows that Pizza Hut generally workers youngsters likely as a result of their energy and youthful blood. Salary can make a great deal of effect on representatives' execution and the inspiration level is additionally subordinate upon this (Frey & Osterioh, 2002). Likely the greater part of the representatives are conveyance personals and servers because of which the level of pay reaction is at more youthful level.

4.3.3 Gender

Q3. Which gender group you are in?
a) Male            (b) Female      
Table 3

Gender assumes an essential part in the authoritative administration and procedures. With the creating age, the difference among sexual orientation is getting to be more slender and ladies are given more open doors or as to say equivalent rights as that of men inside of an association. As a feature of differing qualities administration and equivalent vocation opportunities regulations, it is currently imperative for organizations to have ladies representatives inside of their associations (Fredman & Deane, 2013). So this inquiry goes for figuring out the proportion of male to female at Pizza Hut identifying with the assorted qualities and EEO ideas.
Majority Answer
60 percent of the workers reviewed were guys while 40 percent of the example populace were female. Out of 50 representatives at five areas, 20 were female. The accompanying diagram demonstrates the larger part reactions with conclusion took after.

Figure 5: Gender


From the survey reaction, it can be seen that there are 40% of ladies working at Pizza Hut areas. This demonstrates that the organization contracts individuals paying little heed to their sexual orientation. Sexual orientation segregation is seen as a break of law and associations need to agree by the standard guidelines to give equivalent rights to individuals. Among the inspiration variables, sex differing qualities additionally assumes a critical part (Deloitte, 2011). In spite of the fact that the extent of guys is higher, yet 40 percent ladies working there is very much an accomplishment for an association.

4.3.4 Job Satisfaction

Q4. Are you satisfied with your present job responsibilities?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 4
Kamalian, et al. (2010) have talked about that occupation fulfillment assumes an imperative part in the execution of workers. It is a sort of self-ruling inspiration which decides the dedication and steadfastness of representatives towards their administrators, associates, work and the organization all in all. While disappointment then again diminishes their profitability and therefore risks of representative turnover increments which in itself is a danger. It is essential for organizations to trigger self-governing inspiration figures so representatives are fulfilled by their occupation (Millette & Gagne, 2008). This inquiry is in this way specific to discover whether the workers are fulfilled by their occupation and subsequently deciding how their relationship is with their association.
Majority Answer
Concerning Pizza Hut workers, the greater part of them offered an explanation to this inquiry with a positive reaction where 60% of representatives demonstrated fulfilment with their employment. 40% percent of the workers had reacted to the inquiry in the survey in negative. Therefore the accompanying diagram delineates the outcome results.

Figure 4: Job Satisfaction Level


inquiry on whether they are fulfilled by their occupation or not. 40% of the representatives reacted with "No" importance they are disappointed with their occupation at Pizza Hut. This demonstrates that 60 percent of the representatives have a decent relationship and duty to their directors, associates and the association. Yet at the same time 40 percent have indicated negative reaction and may search for different occupations if not fulfilled. So as indicated by (Mullins, 2007), Pizza Hut should take further activities in expanding their associations with their representatives and accordingly raising their employment fulfillment level. The worker profitability increments with his/her dedication towards work unless he/she is not fulfilled by the employment.4.3.5 Employee Motivation

Q5. Does your manager motivate you regularly regarding your tasks?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 5
Previous studies in HRM have demonstrated that inspiration is among the most improtnat elements for representative responsibility, work satisfaciton, rpoductivity and worker maintenance (Morley & Collings, 2004). The execution of representatives is influenced by inspiration which organizations for the most part accomplish via preparing and improvement, giving advantages and pay, rewards, money related recompenses, evaluations, and so on. Specialists contend that inspiration drives representatives to perform better for their organization furthermore be faithful to the association (Chi & Gursoy, 2009). In this way, this inquiry has been asked in the poll keeping in mind the end goal to discover whether workers at Pizza Hut are persuaded establishing that Pizza Hut actualizes inspiration procedures or not inside of its association.
Majority Answer
The greater part of the representatives at Pizza Hut reacted to this inquiry with positive answers where 56% of workers concurred that they are routinely propelled for their employment while still 44% of them differ and were of the perspective that they are not roused for their occupation. So the accompanying graph demonstrates the outcome.

Figure 5: Employee Motivation
The chart demonstrates the representatives' reaction where 56% trust that Pizza Hut administration persuades them for their employment while 44% differ to that. This demonstrates that the association executes some kind of worker inspiration projects and strategies which empowers and drives the representatives to work. 44 percent of workers contradicting the inspiration variable demonstrates that they don't discover the projects or arrangements sufficient to be spurred and subsequently their energy or aim towards employment diminishes. As indicated by (Curson & Skidmore, 2010), representative maintenance is an issue for any association and inspiration is a key component to hold workers inside of the association which Pizza Hut ought to further anticipate.

4.3.6 Equal Employment/Women/Diversity

Q6. Does your organization rehearse diversity and equivalent job opportunities including ladies work rights?
 a) Yes             (b) No
Table 06

Assorted qualities administration and equivalent livelihood open doors as depicted above are critical administrative variables for associations now. Not just for ladies, associations are presently bound to contract individuals taking into account their ability and aptitudes and not to consider their shading, sex, race, sex, religion, ethnicity, and so forth. Having equivalent rights like others energizes individuals inside and they feel like being perceived. Racialism is currently closure and that is the thing that drives organizations to achievement (Louvrier, 2013). The purpose behind picking this inquiry here is to tell whether Pizza Hut hones these standards or not which has impact on the execution level of the workers.
Majority Answer
70 percent of workers reacted absolutely to this inquiry while 30 percent felt to answer no. The accompanying pie diagram demonstrates the outcomes isolated.

Figure 06: Equal Employment/Women/Diversity

The outcomes demonstrate that 70 percent of representatives at Pizza Hut trust that they experience measure up to business opportunity and differences at their working environment. Still 30 percent oppose this idea. This demonstrates that most likely a portion of the workers are in effect racially focused on or that they are not given fitting wages and positions only because of their race, shading, sex, and so on. However 70 percent is very much a high positive reaction where it is protected to accept that the association is not kidding about its differing qualities administration and ladies right giving which is useful for inspiration.

4.3.7 Training the Talent

Q7. In the event that you get a training, do you imagine that rouses you to carry out your employment all the more viably and you feel in genuine your execution has expanded in the wake of getting prepared?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 07
Preparing and advancement is a noteworthy system of the HRM of any organization to hold its representatives as (Jones, et al., 2005) talk about. Current business world is at worldwide stage and there is tremendous ability and aptitude accessible in the business sector. With the opposition ascending at global level, organizations need to face maintenance and execution issues with its own particular workers. As (Wahjosoedibjo, 2009) contends that gifted initiative is important to keep running in such a situation, so it is essential for organizations to apply preparing and improvement programs in its authoritative arrangements so that the aptitudes and ability of its representatives are upgraded and along these lines their general execution is effected by the projects. This serves to hold them in the organization. The inquiry here goes for asking representatives' audits whether preparing projects spur them and whether the new learning aides in expanding their execution.
Majority Answer
41 out of 50 workers have reacted with YES to this inquiry making larger part i.e. 82% of populace while the rest 9 representatives denoted NO as the answer making 18% of the worker populace with a negative reaction. The rate contrast is explained in the accompanying diagram.

Figure 07: Training the Talent
The charts demonstrates the number and rate of respondents where 82 percent concur with the way that preparation in the association expands their learning and information and in this manner spurs them. The general effect is on their execution of occupation and consequently their fulfilment level with the organization and their work increments as their ability moves forward. 18 percent then again did not concur but rather considering minors, it can be disregarded to some degree. Preparing and advancement is vital for associations as it additionally helps holding workers and along these lines diminishing turnover (Curson & Skidmore, 2010).

4.3.8 Job Description/Duties/Meaningful

Q8. Personally, do you discover your occupation significant, and this weightiness rouses you to work all the more successfully?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 08
By this inquiry, we allude to characteristic inspiration with respect to the occupation of the worker. Writing audits that there are representatives who are propelled inside without the way that some element triggers it (Farid, et al., 2011) as finishing their goal is the primary objective for their work. They do work for they like to do it and take in new things from it. By the inquiry here, we mean if the occupation of workers at Pizza Hut is significant or deliberate. Either the workers do gain from their obligations or simply continue doing it for the purpose of cash. The solution for our natural motivational ideas will be highlighted a tiny bit with this part.
Majority Answer
Dominant part of representatives at Pizza Hut i.e. 62% of them concur that their occupation is significant and rousing in itself while 38% still however can't help contradicting this. The diagram ahead shows results from the survey reaction.

Figure 08: Job Description/Duties/Meaningful

Out of the 50 representatives studied, 31 concurred that their occupation is significant where they take in a great deal and along these lines perform successfully with each new experience they confront. 19 individuals differ and considered it to be only an occupation for cash making most likely. For Pizza Hut it is essential that it depict what the occupation if about and what doing so as to realize and advancement can be accomplished such sort of work. Alluding to inborn motivational speculations, this is a decent approach to have the inspiration activated inside itself so the execution is not aggravated and continuously makes strides (Schmidt, et al., 2011).

4.3.9 Rewards: Appreciation/Recognition

Q9. In the event that you are told about your commitment in finishing your association's main goal, does it feel great and makes you put you're additional?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 09
Linder (1998) contends that non-fiscal compensates likewise assume part in motivaiton and encouragement of workers inside of an organization. These screen prizes incorporate acknowledgment and appreciation from the higher ups where they adulate the worker for their participation and part in accomplishing the destinations of the association. Studies demonstrate that for a few individuals, this prize is much more prominent than having fiscal or esteemed pay. Our inquiry here goes for getting perspective of workers at Pizza Hut whether the writing is valid about it or not. The inquiry inquire as to whether their bosses and even colleagues perceive and value them for their commitment to the authoritative objectives.
Majority Answer
The dominant part of reaction is sure for this inquiry where 88 percent of representatives at Pizza Hut concur with having perceived as inspiration variable while just 12 percent of them differ to this. The diagram indicated ahead speaks to the quantity of respondents and their answers with their rate given.

Figure 09: Rewards: Appreciation/Recognition
Out of the 50 representatives, 44 of them had reacted with a YES implying that 88% of workers at Pizza Hut need to be perceived and acknowledged from their higher ups. This supports them and a sentiment acknowledgment is made inside of them which rouses them to be submitted and faithful to their organization. Just 12% i.e. 6 representatives answered with a NO in this matter. Likely they consider money related prizes to be more imperative. In any case, it is clear for Pizza Hut administration that they value the workers continually so that their execution upgrades. Along these lines they would not be disappointed with their employments.

4.3.10 Rewards as Motivation Factor

Q10. Prizes make you cheerful, yet does it work for you as propelling element to convey more powerful administrations?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 10
Prizes trigger inspiration shrink characteristic or outward (Kohn, 1993). Administration studies relate that financial and non-money related prizes drive representatives to be more effective and gainful in their work. A few creators however differ and contend that remunerate frameworks are not generally fundamental reason for inspiration and consider that inborn inspiration emerges from extraneous prizes (Schmidt, et al., 2011). The inquiry here is planned to have assessment of the workers at Pizza Hut if prizes rouse them to be more successful and objective situated and whether it builds their execution and unwaveringness towards their association.
Majority Answer
76 percent of the representative respondents concurred that remunerates do rouse them to convey more powerful administrations while 24 percent of them differ to this idea. Yet at the same time dominant part is supportive of prizes being the things for inspiration. The accompanying chart demonstrates the outcome rate of respondents for the inquiry.

Figure 10: Rewards as Motivation Factor
The diagrams demonstrates that 38 out of 50 representatives were agreeable to the prizes frameworks to be inspired and enhancing their administration and occupation at Pizza Hut. 12 individuals were of inverse contemplations which still is a number to be concerned at on what spurred them. However (Mcshane & Glinow, 2007) talk about the pioneers and troughs at associations need to actualize reward frameworks inside of the workplace so that the representatives are roused and in this manner their execution enhances in their occupations. It is a sign that representatives at Pizza Hut need to be compensated for their administrations so they are stimulated to work with the organization.

4.3.11 Talent Management

Q11. In the event that you have a manager who you accept is great in administration, specialized aptitudes, searching for your own welfare, giving normal input, and empowering; does it absolutely influence your execution?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 11
It is examined by (Mondy, 2009) that organizations ought to dispense the perfect individual for the right occupation. In the event that evaluation frameworks are as per the ability, execution and talented based employments then the efficiency in the association is high up. This prompts the point that having the gifted individual with learning for the employment ought to be going by the right administrator/pioneer who watches over his/her subordinates. A chief with adequate learning and aptitudes will go on the experience to his/her subordinates and subsequently the ability maintenance and change will move starting with one era then onto the next. The inquiry here especially goes for what the workers think whether their execution is influenced on the off chance that they have a decent pioneer with right abilities and information overseeing them from above. Majority Answer
A big share of answers by representatives reacted with YES to the inquiry as in 90% of the outcome turned out to be certain while just 10% workers are against this. The outcomes and results are expounded in the diagram beneath.

Figure 11: Talent Management
The way that 45 out of 50 individuals concur that their administrator or pioneer ought to be capable themselves and with exact learning and aptitudes to lead them. Just 5 representatives did not concur with this for no good reason or new. However lion's share concurring considers the way that initiative itself assumes fundamental part in the execution of a representative. Great pioneers will create extraordinary pioneers ahead and along these lines the progression arranging continues enhancing the operational profitability of the association on long haul premise (Kim, 2010). In this way it's critical for Pizza Hut that they pick the perfect individual to lead its workers anyplace over its areas.

4.3.12 Performance Appraisal

Q12. Is it true that you are fulfilled by your execution evaluation framework?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 12
Execution evaluation is an approach to perceive the capacities and commitment of representatives towards the accomplishment of hierarchical objectives. It is essential that representative view of execution examination framework is considered while assessing their execution. In ability administration, when destinations and objectives are adjusted, it is vital that the examination framework mirrors the occupation nature, aptitudes, ability and assets accessible to the representatives. Firms ought to consider the differing qualities of ability and rate every as indicated by their employment nature (Dessler & Varkkey, 2009). This inquiry is to solicit the workers from Pizza Hut what they need to say in regards to their examination framework possibly it is acceptable for them or not.
Majority Answer
The reaction to this have rather bizarre results. Despite the fact that dominant part of the worker members of Pizza Hut i.e. 64 percent concur with the present evaluation arrangement of Pizza Hut yet 36 percent are on a conflict with the organization's examination approaches. The accompanying diagram speaks to outwardly the outcomes from respondents.

Figure 12: Performance Appraisal

32 representatives out of 50 have stamped YES to the inquiry that their evaluation framework is agreeable for them. This shows that first Pizza Hut has a legitimate examination framework to which the vast majority of the representatives are fulfilled by. Be that as it may, 18 individuals have conflict with this examination framework. It appears that they feel some imbalance being given the examination framework. Yet, in this way, the hypothesis exploration is by all accounts a good fit for the way that examination frameworks ought to be brought with workers' thought that they must be fulfilled by the arrangements (Ward, 2003)

4.3.13 Performance Appraisal: Motivation

Q13. On the off chance that you are fulfilled and trust the framework is reasonable to assess your yield, do you feel it propelling?
a) Yes              (b) No
Table 13
Execution examination is among the key components of inspiration to be driven inside and association. Examination in a manner considers every one of the parts of a worker from ability to aptitudes and occupation execution and assesses on the premise of institutionalized systems (Dessler & Varkkey, 2009). Evaluation is given to the representative as far as pay raise and rewards. In this manner examination frameworks influence the execution of workers over having them persuaded and battle for more evaluations. The inquiry is to ask the representatives at Pizza Hut whether this conviction is valid for execution examination and in the event that they are truly persuaded with such evaluation frameworks.
Majority Answer
According to the outcomes, greater part of the representatives are concurring with this where 76% trust that examination frameworks are foundation for inspiration to work inside of them while 24% can't help contradicting execution evaluation frameworks to be reason for inspiration. The outcomes are indicated in the chart beneath.

Figure 13: Performance Appraisal: Motivation

With 38 representatives indicating positive reaction, it is protected to accept that execution evaluation frameworks inside of Pizza Hut is encouraging in rousing them to work for the association. 12 workers have negative response to this as they should seriously think about some different strategies to be more vital. Thus, Pizza Hut's arrangements of execution evaluation are assuming their part in urging representatives to work getting it done.

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