Proposed application of risk management process

The Homeland Security Risk Management Process is explained point-by-point and in detail on pp. 15–26 of this reading assignment.
Note: This part will actually become the fifth subsection of the KA project.
Title: Proposed Application of Risk Management Process to [insert your critical infrastructure or key resource (CIKR) site]

Summarize the 7 steps outlined in this document and draft brief policy requirements or statements that would implement the steps with specifics connected to their critical infrastructure or key resource (CIKR) site. Use these to craft a policy proposal of 1.5–2 pages to the manager of your CIKR site explaining how the Homeland Security Risk Management Process (IRM cycle) should be applied to the CIKR. Include useful bibliographic references.
Part Two:
Note: This part will actually become the sixth subsection of the KA project.
Title:Preparedness Planning Policy
The owner and operator of your critical infrastructure or key resource (CIKR) site wants to put a policy or set of policy papers in place concerning preparedness at your site.
Draft a proposal explaining what should go into a preparedness and infrastructure protection program for the threat that was previously identified at your CIKR site.
  • For each concept, come up with 1 or more examples of how it might be put into action.
  • Include how state, local, and other businesses might be leveraged to enhance your program.
  • Include useful bibliographic references.
  • Note: You are not required to write the program itself with details and requirements. You are only required to explain the concepts that fall under the heading of Preparedness.
  • and 1/2 to 1 page onIdentify and detail the potential involvement of non-DHS federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, law enforcement, and the intelligence community

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