Routing and Switching Concepts Assignment Solution Computer Science


This assignment continues from Task 1, the focus is to improve the network of the electronic test equipment manufacturer with the main site in Watford and the new site in Stevenage. A meeting with the client brought about some new decisions regarding the network design. You also have applied for a new position in your own company and the management are using this project as part of the application process.

The setup of the network is given below:


After studying the prototype you created in assignment 1 the company representatives have requested additional changes to the design.

The new requirements are:

  • In order to reduce cost whilst maintaining performance and security at both the Watford and Stevenage sites, the following changes will be introduced to the design:
    • Only one router will be required at each site. Extensive use will be made of VLAN’s, trunking between switches and inter-VLAN routing.
    • Trunk links between intermediary devices should use gigabit interfaces to maximise available bandwidth. Only the VLAN’s specifically required on each site should be allowed to traverse the trunk links.
    • All PC’s in each site should obtain their full IP addressing information using DHCP configured on the respective sites router. On each subnet the last five IP addresses should not be allocated by DHCP.
    • The IP addressing scheme should remain the same as in assignment 1.
    • All PC’s at the Watford site should be able to browse to the two web servers located in the server farm using HTTPS. However the PC’s in the Management and Research subnets should also be able to browse the two web servers using HTTP.
    • All PC’s in the Watford site that have been allocated IP addresses with an even number in the fourth octet should be allowed to ping the web servers. PC’s with allocated odd numbers in the fourth octet of their IP addresses should not be able to ping the web servers.

You will need to configure an access control list (ACL) to meet the above two requirements.

    • Configure Port Address Translation on the edge router WATFORD_1. All network traffic originating from hosts on the Watford Site destined for the ISP network should be translated to a public address of your choice. This will be checked by pinging the external DNS server from a host on the Watford site then running “show ip nat translations” on the WATFORD_1 router. Port Address Translation is the most widely used version of NAT.
  • You need to study the design and prepare a set of questions that arise from the analysis. The questions must reflect your analytical skills and knowledge of the configured network from the previous task. You will discuss the design and ask these questions to your project manager (tutor) in a 1:1 meeting. You will upload these questions, and the answers, together with the report for this task, as a separate section called “Questions prepared for the meeting with the client”.
  • You can even make suggestions in the 1:1 meeting with your client (tutor) to make further change to the design if you think that it will improve the traffic flow in the network. However bear in mind that no addition network infrastructure devices will be supplied.

In order to establish connections between the VLAN networks present at each site, you will be required to configure Inter-VLAN routing using sub-interfaces on the routers and configure trunking both between the switches and between the correct access layer switch and the router.

If implemented correctly the IP addressing scheme should not require any changes.

Do you think that you will be required to modify the routing protocol configuration?

You will provide a short report of 1000 -1200 words, providing the following in a structured way:

-        The questions you have prepared for the meeting with the client

-        The new design which is well explained by a rationale relating to the requirements

-        Explanations of the VLANs, InterVLAN routing, DHCP, ACL and PAT configuration steps.

-        Benefits of using VLANs within an organisation. As you will have to carry out research, you will need to properly cite your resources and provide a reference page.

You will need to upload the new prototype with the name YourName-T1electro-VLANs and the report onto the online repository.

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