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Essay – My family and city
My name is “ABC” but I’d like to be called “abc”. I am 20 years old and living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with my family. My father is running a business of coffee shop in Jeddah and my mother is a housewife.  I am 4th child among my 3 brothers and 3 sisters. First three of my siblings are graduated from reputed institutes and working in multinationals, while other 3 including me are currently studying in city’s best universities and colleges. I am very close to all my siblings and we are living in a joint family system. Also, my maternal uncles and their families are living in our city (JEDDAH) and I am having a number of cousins, we meet occasionally for get together and enjoyment.
I cherish going to university and I have constantly considered my studies important. I have never said to anybody in my life, that 'I despise studies'. Numerous individuals discover me as a nerd, however I just see that as a compliment instead of an affront. I have got huge dreams, with regards to studies. Since I was 6 years of age, I decided to be a doctor. So that is my objective and I generally attempt to plan to try my hardest at university, so ideally my diligent work will pay off at last. I don't generally know why I decided to be a doctor but I simply love doctor's profession. Although, I do feel exceptionally sad at whatever point I see the poor patients in hospitals, yet simply the way that we have got clinics to cure individuals is an incredible thing and administering to individuals has dependably been my wish. At whatever point I see somebody, who I think need careness or help, I am always eager to help him/her.
A family is the first school in which a kid gets the essential estimations of life. He/she adapts good or bad conduct according to conduct of his/her family. The ethics and qualities learnt in family turn into our managing power. They make our character. They establish the framework of our reasoning. I feel blessed to be conceived in a family where qualities are inculcated in early childhood.
Our family has been known for control and qualities. We give extraordinary significance to values and ethics in life. Since our initial childhood we are taught to regard the elders and affection for youngsters. We learnt the lesson of dependability and trustworthiness from our grandfather. It is because of the great training of our grandparents that we could exceed expectations both in education and sports. Since our childhood we have been put into the propensity of getting up and praying early in the morning. This has a characteristic impact on our health and physical wellness.
Let’s talk about the place where I grew up, Jeddah is a colossal city placed on the shoreline of Red Sea in the western of Saudi Arabia. It belongs to Mecca Province, its population is about 2.801 million and its zone is around 1500 square kilometres. It is the second biggest city in Saudi Arabia after the capital city which is Riyadh. Its atmosphere in summer is extremely hot with high mugginess while the temperature is diminishing amid the winter. The most mainstream place in Jeddah is The Red Sea Corniche. It is partitioned by two Parts North and South. In north part there is King Fahd's Fountain which is the tallest Fountain on the planet its height is 312 meters. In south part there is Jeddah Islamic Port which is the biggest port in Red Sea. Likewise in Jeddah there is King Abdulaziz International Airport. It has three terminals which are household terminal, universal terminal and hajj terminal.
There are a number of colleges and schools in Jeddah, for example, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), King Abdulaziz University (KAU) and College of Business Administration – CBA. (KAUST) gives PHD and expert degrees. It has Engineering and Business colleges. And there is co-education system in these colleges/universities which is a symbol of non-conservative society. Hence, the general perception of people considering my country a conservative society is wrong, but Saudi Arabia is just one of the most tightly controlled governments on the planet and due to strong implementation of law in country it is sometimes considered as conservative society.
The business of coffee shop under ownership of my father is running well and growing day by day due to well established economy of Jeddah. Between the boom years of 1974 and 1980, the number of inhabitants in Jeddah multiplied, and economist anticipate that this figure will be multiplied again in middle of 21st century. It is the Kingdom's central seaport, the first portal to Mecca and Madinah for travellers landing by boat or via air. Today, Jeddah welcomes 97% of all pilgrims arriving by sea and 98% of those arriving by air. This places heavy demands on building materials, consumer goods, technical and administrative services, and hotel accommodations, hence providing an enormous boost to the city's economic prosperity.
At last, my country and especially my family is similar to a paradise. There is peace, flourishing, love and consideration. The younger's have respect and admiration for the older folks while the seniors shower them with their adoration and warmth. The guidelines of the elderly folks are taken after with incredible admiration. I love the place where I live and people amongst whom I live.

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