Culture / International Business Assignment

This is all you need but before you start tell me what country you can more write about

i. You may not study a country in which you have lived or which you consider your ethnic heritage. A large part of the purpose of the assignment is to help you learn about a country with which you have no familiarity.

ii. Countries studied in the class may not be duplicated. Countries will be awarded on a first come-first serve basis. I will use the email timeline to decide who emailed me first.

iii. The length of the paper should be between 12 to 20 double-spaced pages, using Times New Roman font (12 pt.) and 1 inch margins on all sides. The cover page, table of contents, appendices (graphs, pictures, large tables, etc.), and the reference page(s) are not a part of the 12 to 20 page limit. The pages have to be numbered. The paper should be double-spaced throughout, in other words, do not leave extra spaces between paragraphs or sections. Also do not start new sections on a new page. Not following the formatting guidelines may result in a grade reduction of up to 10% points of the paper grade.

Each person will do an in-depth analysis of the geographic, economic, political, cultural, and legal environment of a particular country. The scenario is as follows: You are hired as an expert international business consultant by Omnipresent Industries. Omnipresent has business units involved in a wide range of products, including such things as heavy industrial machinery, consumer products and banking and financial services. Although the firm has expanded over the years into other countries, some serious blunders have been made as a result of not understanding the business practices the country. Omnipresent is now going to make a major, multi-line expansion into [a foreign country of your choice]. This project is extremely important to the firm, and if successful will serve as a model for future international expansion. Because of its current financial position the firm simply cannot afford to make a mistake.
Dr. Vaidya, Senior Vice President of the international operations of Omnipresent has come to you and requested an in-depth analysis of the country's business practices that can be used by Omnipresent management. The purpose is to provide a description and analysis of the business environment of the country and how the geographic, political, economic, cultural-social, and legal environment affect the business environment of the country. NOTE: The main focus of the paper should be the PEST Analysis (refer to the attached PEST Analysis table for more information). Limit the history and geography section of the paper to 2 pages total

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