Transformational leadership Assignment

For this assignment, you need to select a transformational leader in your field of study, career, or other area of professional interest.  This transformational leader will be of New Zealand or Australian origin, currently based in New Zealand or Australia AND their first language is English. You will create a profile of him or her as a model of leadership communication.

Your focus throughout must be on the leader’s communication abilities and how communication supports and interacts with his or her transformational leadership abilities.
Your analysis must be backed up by current and relevant literature (minimum of 4 references from class readings and 4 references from additional literature).

You should be careful to select someone for whom you can obtain a video of a presentation or written copies of a speech or professional document (not simply correspondence) so that you will have an opportunity to
•    evaluate his or her writing or speaking ability
•    have enough substance to answer the questions on his or her communication abilities very specifically
•    and be able to complete the rhetorical analysis portion of the assignment with detailed examples.

Please select this person carefully so that you can learn about leadership communication as well as improve your own abilities.  In addition, based on the individuals who have worked best for this assignment in previous courses, I strongly suggest you do not select one of the following as your person to profile:

1.    Your parent or another relative
2.    A current professor, unless he or she plays a leadership role beyond the classroom
3.    A current student at this school
4.    Someone no longer living

You have to tell me the name of your chosen transformational leader by Monday September 28th. 
Approaches you could take to gather information on your selected profile target are follows:

1.    Web Research:  You should search the Web to see what kind of Web presence he or she has.  Try to find examples of his or her communication abilities through the Web.  Also, look for what others have written about him or her on the Web.
2.    Personal Experiences:  You can draw on your own experiences with the individual.  Explain what you have witnessed as examples of leadership communication.
3.    Library Research:  You can look in any library or go online (Amazon, for example) and see what books he or she has written or books that have been written about him or her.  Look at how these books exemplify leadership communication.

The assignment needs to be structured as a report and should follow the guidelines for formal reports in Leadership Communication (Chapter 5).
You will synthesize all of the information that you have gathered and present a coherent, comprehensive, logically structured overview of this person as a model for leadership communication.  You should provide a well-integrated report, which contains the answers to the questions organized logically for your subject.  Avoid just simply listing the questions or topics.  You will find the Pyramid useful to structure your report.

I have provided a range of questions you might want to answer in your report. Please, don’t feel limited to those though.

1.    What does he or she do?  What is his or her educational and professional experience and what is his or her current title and position (content from a resume or biography)?  Keep this section very brief.
2.    What is the major change or transformation for which this individual is known?
3.    What kind of ethos does he or she project?
4.    What do others say about his or her leadership and his or her communication abilities?
5.    What are examples of the kinds of communication activities he or she engages in daily?
6.    What are some examples of his or her leadership communication abilities?
7.    What role did or does communication play in his or her transformational leadership accomplishments?
8.    How is he or she particularly skilled as a public speaker, writer, or in interpersonal interactions (emotional intelligence)?
9.    What do the examples of his or her communication abilities, such as a video, recording, copy of written materials reveal about his or her communication styles and abilities?
You should include a brief rhetorical analysis of a portion of a speech or written document to demonstrate his or her use of language.  The objective of this portion of the assignment is to help you appreciate a leader’s use of language for rhetorical purposes (usually to argue a point of view or persuade others).  Be sure to include the following:
a.    Name of speech (occasion) or document, date, and location.
b.    Rhetorical strategies and techniques, such as use of figurative language, persuasive appeals with quoted examples.
c.    Stylistic characteristics, such as clarity and conciseness, use of language, word choices (diction), passive or active voice, simple or complex sentences; short or long sentences

10.    What have you learned about leadership communication by profiling this person?  What can we all learn?  What makes him or her a good example of leadership communication?
11.    How would you define leadership communication from your perspective, thinking about your profiled leader as a model?  Include your own opinion.

You should also include how you went about profiling this person, that is, interviews or research, and attach your list of sources.  Be careful to provide reference of every paraphrase, direct quotation, or any other information that you use in the paper.

Also, remember that you must back your analysis and critique with current and relevant literature (minimum of 4 references from class readings and 4 references from additional literature. )Use APA 6 reference style.

Finally, please allow time to research and really think about the information you find.

4 Reference.
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