Hazardous Agents Aims

 • To equip you with the scientific and technical knowledge necessary to understand a range of workplace hazards • To explore the methods involved in controlling the risks presented by those hazards. • To examine the specific legal aspects that apply to each workplace agent. TOPIC: Working with High Voltage Electrical Equipment (HVEE) TOPIC REQUIREMENT The topic that was given to you is meant for your consideration as a safety professional on the precautionary measure when working with HVEE. 1. Identify the context, i.e. what are the HVEE, e.g. substation, HV cable connection etc. 2. What is/are the considerations to work in such an environment? 3. Who is involved and what is the knowledge required? 4. What are the risk and the controls? 5. What's your recommendation as a safety professional when working with HVEE. 6. Conclusion/summary
The assignment in the form of an essay of 2000 words equivalent in length (+/- 10 %).
*input some pictures as well.


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