Level 6 - Sensible Risk Management Young Worker Risk Assessment

You are working for The Beyond Future Manufacturing Ltd. You have been told that the Managing Director iskeen to promote the company in the local community. She has decided to contact the local Secondary School to tell them that some young persons will be welcome to spend time at the company during their work experience scheme.
You have been asked to undertake a risk assessment for a young person who wishes to come to the Company who wants to become a design engineer in this field. They have no known health problems and are described as ‘physically fit’.
The company is a small manufacturing company producing parts for games consoles. The company has an adequate health and safety policy and undertakes risk assessments.
All staff including those in development, assembly and support have separate workstations.
Design engineers undertake the design, development and trials of new components. Much of this involves work with Computer-aided design (CAD) computers. From time to time the role involves work, mainly testing of components, with ‘uncovered’ live electrical parts. This live electrical work takes place in an electrical testing room.
The nature of the assembly shop makes it unsuitable for young people to enter or work there.
Although electrical installation is not part of the normal work the company does employ two technicians who have had training to install electrical plugs and points to enable flexibility of testing stations.
There is a separate area where some components are plated. This contains extremely hazardous chemicals including hydrogen cyanide which is used to plate certain components.
The guidance for the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 contains guidelines on what young people can be reasonably be expected to undertake, and specifically cover what they cannot do. This link takes you to that guidance http://www.hse.gov.uk/youngpeople/law/index.htm
Your task is to:
 Produce a risk assessment of a young person on work experience in the described workplace.
 Produce a bullet point list of what should be contained in an induction process for a young person.
 Identify who should be involved in compiling the risk assessment.
 Identify who should be given a copy of the risk assessment.


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