Level 6 - Sensible Risk Management

You are the Health and Safety manager for Lots of Pots Ltd which is an expanding ceramics business looking to recruit staff for their new manufacturing plant in Bursley. The company specialises in the manufacturer of high-quality ceramics mostly cups and mugs for the retail market. Most of the work is shift work and the company operates two, 8-hour shifts.
Bursley is a productive area, attracting large amounts of international funding. Many new firms have opened up production centres around the area. Because of the large amount of competition between companies to attract staff previous advertisements in attracting potential workers was unsuccessful. Access to the site is easily obtained because road transport links were planned as part of the area regeneration. Public transport links are also good.
You have held preliminary interviews and have found that Mr. B Daniels is available for employmentand there are several vacancies he may be suitable for.
Mr. Daniels does have a driving license but does not have a forklift truck license. Human Resources have sent you the Job Recommendation form to respond to.
The jobs are:
1. Production Line Operator
Packing of finished ceramics. This work will involve an eight-hour shift stood by the side of a machine carrying packed and wrapped boxes of finished ceramics from a conveyor to a containment area.
These boxes are quite light (under 1.5kg). The work is mainly process driven with little supervision. The main problem is that the conveyer machine can jam causing a backlog. This jamming may happen at different frequencies and seems to be dependent upon the type of boxes being packed.
2. Factory mail and general delivery.
The role for this work is to deliver mail and all other parcels to various areas of the company. The person operating the role must be of average fitness. The general movement of mail and other post room duties may involve movement of heavy (no more that 35kg packages) over long distances.
3. Clay mixing operator.
A blunger is a machine commonly used in the ceramic industry for mixing ‘slip’, a mixture of clay and water. Bags of powdered clay are automatically loaded into the blunger when water is added (also automatically). The whole lot is then mixed in the machine and finally the slip is pumped out ready to be used to make the ceramic. This process can be quite dusty.
The post involves unblocking the blunger machine from time to time. This may also cause dust issues. This involves physically turning off the machine, and using a long metal prod to unblock any accumulations of clay.
4. General attendant.
This role involves the general cleaning and tidying up of the internal factory area. This will involve working with approved cleaning materials, including solvents. There are several specific areas where cleaning will be required. The role will be for work in a specific area. The specific areas include slip mixing room, the store and packaging area, the box and paper assembly areas.
There is also a post for a general assistant /cleaner in the office block. Duties will include security, general cleaning of offices and associated toilets. This post also involves the escorting of guests to conference rooms and to meeting rooms.
5. Store Operator
Store operators will be involved in all general store activity. Placing of orders, loading of vehicles, placing identification labels on orders. The operators will be expected to be able to drive and operate a forklift truck (FLT). The operators will be responsible for basic maintenance of FLT’s, including daily pre user checks, refueling or recharging of vehicles, replacement of lights etc. This will also include adding lubricants and adding hydraulic fluids to ensure FLT operates correctly.
What do you need to do?
Your task is to make recommendations to the HR Department about the role that you consider would best suit Mr. Daniels and what reasonable adjustments could or may need to be made to ensureno detriment is caused to his future health.
HR have told you that they only just had enough applicants to fill 90% of the vacancies advertised. The factory must be fully operation within 3 weeks.
You are to respond to the request from HR, detailing the job you are recommending him for and why the other jobs are not suitable. You must also in your response to the request from HR, inform HR of any additional control measures you advise that doe need to be taken to enable Mr. Daniels to undertake the role you are recommending him for.


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