Creating a Culture of Motivation - Assignment

The article discusses about perennial management challenge that is “Motivating People”. The first step in creating a culture of motivation is to educate managers (especially young managers) with training and skills they need to effectively motivate people.

The first priority of a manager should be taking time to know about core areas of employees and acknowledging that each employee is working in the field where he/she can perform best.
Also, manager need to become reacquainted with the skills and weakness of each employee in the team, that enable managers to better mentor workers in their personal development while also better using their skills for the success of the department and the organization.
Moreover, managers need to ask about the ambition of their employees and giving importance to their answer which could acknowledge managers with the strengths of their people and managers can connect individuals to others who can help them do a better job. Likewise verifying that managers don't suspend individuals simply on the grounds that they don't think alike and encouragement for differing suppositions is invaluable. This little awareness can rise to enormous adjustments.
Additionally, managers need to develop SMART goals with providing easy instructions to follow them and providing feedback to employees regarding their achievement is also important which should be always communicated in a private and nonthreatening manner. Also, rewards should be used to motivate employees, which could also be other than monetary compensation, i.e. Celebrating as a team, congratulating one-on one, promoting only on merit and personally rewarding extraordinary performance.
Furnishing the managers with these techniques of becoming a better motivator, learning experts can work with managers to make a society of inspiration in which people feel esteemed, manager have more competent workers, and the whole organization gets to be more agile and change-ready.

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