Engineering Management Assignment

This abstract and outline is for your individual paper that you will be handing in on finals week.  Same topic as with your team, but you will write a one paragraph abstract describing your topic, and how you plan to treat it.  While you will be walking through all the steps of the Systems Process (which I understand we havent covered in full yet) you may in your abstract and outline want to mention parts that will have more emphasis based on your knowledge of the background of your problem.  The outline should obviously include all the steps of the systems process with extra elements based your what you think will have heavier emphasis.

So as you know, Elon Musk has just announced SpaceX plan to colonize Mars in the upcoming decades and we thought this would be an interesting topic to research through the 13 steps of the systems engineering process. 


Our group idea: after people went to Mars, they will build a system
these ideas supposed to be I think or depends on you:

Buildings, spaces to live, water, and other elements required for life write in an engineering way.

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